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Cory D. Stewart

Areas of Interest/Specialty: Anxiety, Grief/Loss, LGBT+ issues, Gender Identity, Couple’s Therapy, Sexual Health, Life Transitions, Family Systems, Stress Reduction, and Mindfulness.

Introduction: My approach focuses on the relationship, trust, and comfort between client and therapist. Without this, nothing can happen. I believe in a collaborative, curious, compassionate exploration of an individual’s issues and strengths in order to improve one’s life.

As a former United States champion in speech and debate, my particular brand of therapy involves a focus on the narrative elements of my client’s story, and the power to author changes through the use of tangible, cognitive-behavioral tools.

Additionally, I have international work and volunteer experience and also speak Portuguese.

Licensure: MA
Cory is under the supervision of Dr. Kimberly Swinson-Stafford PhD, LMFT.

Education: Cory D. Stewart is a Psychotherapist who has his Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of St. Thomas.

Cory Stewart

Office Days & Location: Telehealth offered with flexibility Monday-Friday, available at select times in person in our Woodbury and Golden Valley offices; Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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